Australia: Great Ocean Road

The weekend before coming home we decided to hire a car for two days and drive down The Great Ocean Road . So, up we got bright and early with our packed lunch ready for the long drive, and walked to pick up our car. We were so happy that the sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight, as the whole week prior had been cloudy and dull! *Melbourne seriously has its own micro-climate*. 

AAfter speaking to a few friends, we decided that the best thing to do would be to drive all the way down to ‘The Twelve Apostles’ first and then work our way back along the Great Ocean Road. It took approximately three hours to get there, so we arrived by 11am, perfect time! We spent over an hour there, looking in awe at the beautiful rock formations in the middle of the ocean – it was amazing. Pictures cannot show the true beauty of it!!


After we had maxed up our phone memory with photos and videos, we drove 10 minutes down the road to a place called ‘The Loch Ard Gorge’. Rock formation created a Gorge with a sand bank one side and the roaring ocean on the other. Small caves were hidden within the rock formations, making it look even more beautiful. The water was FREEZING though! But it didn’t stop Danny from having a swim! :p

Next we walked on up to Sherbrook River and Broken Head, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. The only people there was Danny, one fisherman and me! So we sat by the ocean side for a short time, but Danny was giving me a heart attack, hanging by the cliff edges (as you will be able to see by my YouTube Video), I seriously cannot cope! haha

*It was a nice walk down the Sherbrook river, but if you were short on time you could definitely give it a miss. There was not much to see!*

Before it got too dark we decided to make our way towards Lorne, where we has booked a hotel to stay for the night. The drive back, with the ocean on the right hand side was something else. Other than the impatient cars behind us, tooting us every now and then *we were going the speed limit* we were able to look all around us at the pretty scenic views. I couldn’t stop thinking ‘Australia is so beautiful!’ One moment you’re looking out on green fields and farmland, the next you’re seeing forest and jungle and then cliff walls and sand. Its amazing! 😀

We arrived in Lorne at around 6pm. Checked in. Dropped our bags. Then went on the hunt for food! I have to say, Lorne is probably the prettiest beach town I have ever been to. It reminded me on Summer Bay, ‘Home and Away’, for some reason! haha 😀 So we decided on a flake and chips on the beach and watched the sunset ❤

The next day there was a storm (see what i say about the weather in Australia :D) but it didn’t stop us from exploring Lorne and venturing up to Erske Falls. It is a short drive to get to the waterfall and it was definitely worth the visit. The heavens opened on us!

**For anyone who wants to know, we stayed at the Grand Pacific Hotel. We got a great deal on for $113 so check it out!**

After spending a few hours on Lorne beach we set off home, but first decided to have one more stop off at Torquay beach. By the time we got to Torquay is was a SCORCHING HOT 38 degrees! The beach here is unbelievable, so we made the most of our time there and sunbathed on the beach for a couple of hours (remember your factor 50 😉 ). For lunch we went to a burger joint called ‘A Bottle of Milk’ mmmm wow! At that moment in time it was the best burger in the world, we were so hungry. Every time I have been to Torquay, I always end up in that place, its so good! Must try!

Check out my Vlog, below, to watch our trip from start to finish! We are new at this though, so be nice! 😀

Thanks for reading! ❤ 😀 xxx


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