Festive Makeup..

Hey guys!

So I thought I would do a spin off of my Christmas Eve night out and show you beauty lovers what I used to create this makeup look below.

*side note* I also have a YouTube channel you can follow if you please, for makeup tutorials! 

Festive Makeup

Face – First thing first with my face is to always moisturise and prime my skin. I usually have fairly oily/combination skin, however, I am not sure if it is the weather but lately It has been quite dry..so I have been using my Clinique moisturiser for dry to dry combination skin. After this, I prime my face using the Mac Prep and Prime in Natural Radiance. This stuff is incredible! It leaves my face feeling so revitalised and fresh, without leaving a oil-like layer over my face.

Foundation – For this look I used a mix of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick in ivory beige with my Revlon ColourStay foundation in 320 True Beige. These combined give me that full coverage I want, as well as leaving me with a slight glow from the Estee Lauder. Its perfect for a fresh, night out glam look!

Concealer – Moving on! The concealer I am in love with lately is the Maybelline eraser eye concealer in ‘light’. I place this in a triangle under each eye, a circle on my chin, a triangle between my eyebrows and forehead and then down the centre of my nose. This will help highlight these points on your face, whilst erasing any dark circles under your eyes!

Next I ‘bake’..For this look I wanted a flawless finish, so using my Maybelline Loose Powder in ‘light’ with a damp beauty blender, I layer over the concealed areas of my face and leave it there for a good five minutes before wiping it off. This not only brightens these areas further, it makes my face look much more smooth and flawless.

Contour – Now for contour.. wow this sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? But honesty it doesn’t take me long at all! :D. To contour for this look, I used my Revlon Contour stick, which is a cream contour. Drawing a line on the outside areas of my forehead, underneath my cheek bones, in a line stopping in the middle of my cheek, under my jaw line and down the outer sides of my nose. I then blend this out using my ‘Makeup Geek’ Face Buffer brush until it is evenly blended with no lines visible.

Bronzer – Using my all time favourite bronzer, ‘Hoola Benefit Bronzer’ by Benefit cosmetics I warm up those contoured areas further to enhance the contour and give me a warm tanned glow!

Blusher – I cannot go without my blush, so I used my ‘Fratboy’ by The Balm pinky blush and brushed it onto the apples of my cheeks! It makes such a difference!

Highlighter- My favourite part! Using my Champagne highlighter from Mac, I gently brush this over the upper area of my cheek bone, where the light would usually catch, a small amount on the tip of my nose and above the middle areas of the top of my eyebrows! I hope this all makes sense! 😀

Lips – Lately I have been absolutely adoring a beautiful, bold lip colour! Its my go to lately and my favourite colours switch between red, deep plumb and raspberry colour I feel like these colours are so festive and add a bit of warmth to my face! The colour I opted for here is called ‘Dark Raspberry’ from ‘NewLook’; this store has branched out to a beauty sector and has some lovely products, which I have really appreciated as they are super affordable. If I remember correctly, this was approximately 3.50 pounds! So creamy and vibrant, it is a must for these colder months!

That is it for my face, after a quick spray of my Loreal makeup setting spray!

Eyes – Lately, I have been loving experimenting with different colours on my eyes. For this look I wanted to use warm colours, with a splash of gold! I went a little crazy with the colours, but I think it worked.. or at least I hoped it did! 😀 Firstly i went in with a burnt orange colour by Makeup Geek, called ‘Morocco’. This shade was used for the transition shade (along the upper side of my crease). Once I was happy with the density of the colour, I moved onto another shade by Makeup Geek called ‘Anarchy’, which is a plumb/purple shade. I worked this colour into the crease of my eye and dragged it out to the outer corners of my eye to deepen my eyes. Finally, for the inter corners and lids of my eyes I went in with ‘Magic Act’ from Makeup geek, a foiled eyeshadow to give them a gold pop! Once happy, I made sure I blended very well so that each colour blended into each other and it really created a warm, but sexy colour. Using the transition and crease shade together, I lined my under eyes.

Eyeliner – I just had to add a ‘winged eyeliner’ to this look; using my Nyx Black Liquid Liner.

Mascara – I love my thick, long, black mascara to give that false lash effect! Here I used a brilliant mascara, which does all of these things! Loreal Telescopic Mascara! 

To finish, using the same highlighter I used for my face, I popped a splash of colour in the tear ducts of my eyes and under my eye brow bones! And voilà DONE!

Festive Makeup

I hope you enjoyed my talk through makeup look here! If you did, please let me know and comment below so I can do more for you!

Love Sarah


Enjoy your New Year!



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