Travel: Bangkok

Hello Bangkok🌏 🇹🇭

We finally arrived in Bangkok after a 16 hour flight! Ahh it was so nice to stretch my legs and get my circulation flowing again; I did not enjoy the size of my ankles post-flight AT ALL! 😀

So, there we were, in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city! The last time I travelled here was in 2012 and I was surprised by how much it had developed – much more commercialised, yet equally as exciting!

We stayed for three nights and had a full three days there to explore. Personally, I think three days is plenty of time, infact, we could have done what we wanted in two days but it all depends on what you have planned! We stayed in a basic guesthouse called, ‘The Greenhouse Guesthouse’, on Rambutri Street – parallel to the famous backpacker spot, Khao San Road. For $56AUD in total we were pleasantly surprised!

So far, we have not really exceeded our budget, its fairly cheap if you do it right and watch what you spend. Budgeting around $70/day for two people (not including accommodation) has been a lot better than I expected! The expenses lie in the travel, excursions and alcohol.

A few ways of spending less would be to select the cheaper options for food. We ate each day from the street stalls instead of the restaurants. Pad Thai is 30baht (we use for any currency conversions), I would eat chicken/pork skewers 10baht, chicken wraps 30baht, fruit 30baht, rice with a selection of two sides 40baht etc. If you eat at any of the restaurants you will be looking at spending anything from 90baht to 350+baht (still pretty cheap – but if you are budgeting, then it is best to chose other options).

Make sure you do not get scammed! It is difficult, I know, and I have been subjected to it a fair few times myself. Alot of locals offer things such as, temple tours, garments to wear to temples at a cheap price – but there are no private tours – do not accept. The second day we were there we wanted to visit the palace and surrounding temples. A local tuctuc driver offered to take us to the harbour to take a boat to the temple for 1500baht, ‘this includes the journey there, two temples and the palace fee and return’, he says. *I should have thought it was strange when we got to the harbour and they told me it would be one hour? The language barrier can be difficult at times*. However, we handed over the money, jumped on the boat and spend one hour cruising around the river to the temple, where we were left on the side, had to pay another 20baht landing fee and our boat driver sped off! Not only did we have to pay for all temple admissions, we found that were only a 30 minute walk away from the palace in the first place! We were not happy to say the least. Just make sure you either go through a trusted tour company, or see if you can manage to get there yourself.

Another tip to save you money would be to find out what you can do by yourself, without having to book through an agency or tour company. For instance, trains…you do not need to book trains through a company. Simply make your way to the train station yourself and book your tickets there. It is not only cheaper, but you save yourself alot of time and hassle. We nearly missed our train to Chiang Mai because the agency we went through told us the wrong time. Luckily, we got there early and realised. phew!

And always get the taxi’s to start the meter otherwise they will charge you an extortionate amount for such a small distance.

Khao San Road and Rambutri Street. 

I love the atmosphere on this little street, however I think I prefer Rambutri Street as it is a little bit more relaxed. The streets themselves are wall to wall restaurants and bars, there are small markets selling some really cool merchandise and clothing. You will be spoilt for choice for food, the smells are mostly mouth-watering! For pennies you can fill yourself at the street stalls with local cuisine and wander around whilst observing the hectic night life there.


Alcohol is one of the most expensive things to buy but depending on where you go, you could find yourself better rates. A Chang beer can cost 80baht to 120baht, depending on where you go. Spirits are much more expensive.

On a whole, the three days we spend there were amazing. Visiting the beautiful temples and learning about the Thai history is fascinating but its fair to say I am ‘templed out’ and ready for our next leg of travels! 😀

Here is the temple of the ‘sitting buddha’ – for 20 baht entry 20baht entry – visit the sitting Buddha temple 🇹🇭🕌 it is beautiful!

That is it for my three days in Bangkok! Hope you enjoyed the read and let me know if you know of any other little tricks to save money when travelling on a budget! I know I will let you know more as I go along 😀

Next stop – Chaing Mai! 


Love Sarah xxx


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