Find me by the palm trees… 

We decided to stop off in Da Nang for a couple of days as our flight to Phu Quoc was departing from here.

For three days we did absolutely sweet nothing! It was complete bliss, and why not start early? Because soon we will land on the glorious white sands of Phu Quoc – I’m super excited!

We stayed in a motel for three nights called ‘scorpion motel’, which was standard and only $9 per night! Other than being bitten alive by mosquitos, *Danny can lie there naked and get one bite & I lie there covered head to toe and still wake up with 5 fresh bites – how is this?!* it’s pretty clean, the staff are friendly AND it is a two minute walk from the beach! Oh, I’d missed the beach!

Spending three days here was also a great way of saving some money 💰 as Vietnam has certainly set us back ALOT. Let’s put it this way … the New Year meant to get from Ninh Binh to Hoi An, it would cost $100AUD for a night bus, which we paid. In Hoi An all trains and buses were fully booked up until the 16th of February – our visa runs out on the 22nd. Danny and I reluctantly had to pay $400 for a flight out of Hoi An, even after waiting there for an extra 5 days for prices to go down. Absolute killer, right?
With our budget we have been shot so are unable to do some of the things we really wanted to do here in Vietnam; such a shame and it’s fairly irritating that prices can go up so much!

However, we have managed to spend as little as 300,000dong a day (approximately $17) between two of us! Thank goodness for the beach! We also found a super cheap place to eat and the food wasn’t too shabby!

40,000dong – about $1.50 got us this beautiful dish of spring rolls and noodles. It blew our caps off with spice but it’s so tasty! We have even been saving money by buying cereal from the MiniMarts for breakfast! 😂💰🙈

The beach is really pretty too with golden sand and an alignment of palm trees to set up next to for the day. The beach is surrounded by mountains in the distance and you can spot the ‘Lady Buddha’ sat in the mountains – bold and white.

You can arrange visiting the Marble Mountains and My Son etc here too, but I see most people rent a motorcycle and drive there themselves, rather than with a tour – guess this would save a lot of money too.

‘Find me by the palm trees’ 🌴👙 

It has been a perfect few days here and we are now ready to see some real paradise! Helloooo Phu Quoc and we will see you very soon!

Love Sarah xxx


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