Phu Quoc: 4 days, 7 beaches

Phú Quốc is Vietnams largest island and is situated off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand and is best known for its long stretches of white sands, palm trees and romantic honeymoon feel…

With only four full days here to explore before heading back to Thailand we wanted to make the most of our time and see as much as we could.

The best way to get around is on motorbike as it is a fairly large island with so much to see! We rented our bike through our hotel, which by the way was SO nice! We stayed at Duy Toan Guesthouse for five nights, costing $60 through, and for our current standards it was lovely AND perfectly situated in the Duong Duong, Long Beach district!.. Anyways… the bikes, they cost 150,000 dong per day and to fill up a tank of petrol you are looking at paying roughly 70,000 dong. Not bad, hey? You can arrange for taxi’s to take you around the island also, if you would prefer, but this would cost a lot more.

Here is a rundown of the beaches we discovered and what we thought of them!…

#1 Sao beach..

On our first day we set sights on what we had heard was the best beach on the island, Bai Sao. Honestly, it was beautiful but the only downfall to this beach, and every other for that matter, was the trash/rubbish…it was everywhere! That is something you definitely have to ignore and I think Phu Quoc is undergoing a lot of major improvements to clean up the rubbish and make the island more tourist-friendly.

Sao beach was alot quieter than I thought it would be, which was perfect! We walked along its long stretch of beach to find a quiet spot to relax. It is as you would expect a paradise beach to be; turquoise water, white sand and palm trees draped along the sides. There are swings hanging from a couple of the palm trees too, which is also a a great moment for you snappy happy people!



On our second day we spend approximately 5 hours, YES 5 HOURS, driving around the island to find a couple of beaches that we just could not find! We noticed that Phu Quoc lacked in road signs and the maps we were given weren’t a true likening to the island. We found that the majority of tourists we spoke to had the same trouble. BUT the drive was nice and off the beaten track, so much quieter than Duong Duong’s busy centre.

the first beach we attempted to find was #2 Rach Vęm. We were so excited to visit this beach as we had heard of its crystal waters and array of starfish that make it so special. Rach Vęm is a beach located in a fishing village; we found the fishing village, but no beach – not one that had crystal waters and star fish anyway! We gave it a good go though and even had a few other tourists searching with us, but no luck unfortunately! So off we drove to our second option of the day, #3 Gành Dau, located on the upper western side of the island.

Tach Vem fishing village
Rach Vem

Gành Dau was another beach we could not find and now laughing at how our day had panned out so far we asked the locals where this beach was. We were on it? We stood silently looking around at the rubbish on the beach and the murky water and thought, there is no way this is it?! *I honestly believed we were on the wrong beach, if you can find it, it looks stunning on photographs, then GO!*

Third time lucky we found a beach we had not planned to see this day called, #4 Vung Bau. Ahh, finally! The beach itself was not as pretty as Sao Beach (maybe we set our standard high?!) but it was perfect for an hour or two of relaxation and a cool swim before heading off back to Duong, and we found ourself the perfect little cove to do just that!


 #5 Long Beach & #6 Ong Beach 

Long Beach is known to be the most popular beach, with large built up resorts and beach bars, so we expected it to be busy. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t so busy after all and it was beautiful! It’s long stretch of beach compliments itself with white sands, turquoise waters and draping palm trees. The beach bars were also nice and the locals were lovely! We found a tyre swing centered in the water, which was also a lot of fun!! This beach was definitely up there in one of my favourites on the island 🌴🌎.

After spending a couple of glorious hours relaxing and swimming on Long Beach, we jumped on our motorbike and headed for Ong beach. Like I mentioned earlier, the beaches are hard to find if you do not know where to look – but take a map and stop off and ask the locals to point you in the right direction and you will be fine!

Ong beach was also very pretty; much quieter that Long Beach and has an ‘untouched’ feel to it, with only one beach restaurant and few tourists.

#7Moon Beach Resort 

Just opposite our guesthouse was a stunning beach and we cannot for the life of us find out the name! It was just behind the ‘Moon Beach Resort’ in Duang Duang. Here has the most beautiful sunset 🌅 we watched each night. The beach felt a lot like Long Beach, with beach bars and stunning surroundings.

Definitely visit a few of the beaches that are not on the map, you are sure to find some beauties!
There are so many more beaches to discover and a beautiful national park. Phu Quoc has some outstanding potential and from what we saw, looks as though much work is going into the island with buildings, cleaning up and making it much more attractive for tourists and other visitors. This island is a must if you are visiting Vietnam and would love a slice of paradise. We know we did.

Love Sarah x


9 thoughts on “Phu Quoc: 4 days, 7 beaches

  1. I loved your blog Sarah makes you feel like you are the there on the gorgeous different beaches photos are stunning keep them coming love to you both😘😘😘

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  2. Hi Sarah
    my name is Rohan Barker i have lived in Phu Quoc for the last 15 years and recently read your informative article.
    i publish visitor information promoting phu quoc when you have time can you please get back to me, i am very interested if i can use one of your images in said article..

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      1. Hey Sarah!

        Thanks that’s awesome!

        I was actually just talking to my art director and mentioned i had contacted you.

        We are very excited if we can use the image of you on the swing at Sao Beach, its at the top of your article!

        This will be on the cover of the 2018 Visit Phu Quoc Magazine 7th edition and relate to our updated Beaches Guide. Because its for the magazine is it possible to get the original image in high resolution?
        You could either email or upload it and send me a link, whatever works…..

        The image location is =>

        Really appreciate your support and when you come back to Phu Quoc please come see me, I also own Buddy Ice Cream in Duong Dong town…..hope you like ice cream!


        Rohan Barker


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