10 ways to budget your travels.

Who doesn’t like to save money? Im sure even the rich and famous would not turn down a bargain if given the chance! 

Travelling can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. But when choosing to travel on a budget, sometimes, you just have to go without.

Along the way Danny and I have learnt some simple tricks and great ways to can save our precious pennies so that we are able to make our travels last longer, and some extra’s that could be a must for our next trip.


  • Always choose a hostel.

I know, living in a hostel can be daunting, especially if you are travelling solo. But seriously, its your best option if you are travelling on a budget.

Perhaps you could stay at a guesthouse in countries such as Thailand, as some are surprisingly cheap. BUT, when in need of those extra coins, I would highly recommend hostel living.

Staying at a hostel can get the better of you at times, what, with the smelly toilets, lumpy beds and noisy guests (definitely not cool when you are undergoing some serious jetlag), but it is a great way of meeting fellow travellers and making friends! The social aspect of staying in a hostel outweighs the cons and with those newly saved pennies and a new group of friends, you are one happy traveller.

  • Working for accommodation

Otherwise known as ‘woofing’, many travellers opt for working in a hostel for free accommodation. We did that at one point and it was great, for a while. The perfect thing about this is that you usually only need to clean for a couple of hours in the morning and then are able to go to work for the afternoon/night. You are able to save money so much easier.

  • Raid that ‘Free cupboard’

In most hostels, particularly Western hostels, you will find yourself a nice little cupboard with FREE stamped all over it.

When travellers move from hostel to hostel, can’t be bothered to carry the extra weight or are leaving the country, they often leave behind their left-over food and I am not going to pretend we did not love it when we found a full bag of pasta waiting to be cooked.

Times can get hard when you are travelling on a budget and when eating two-minute noodles every day and night becomes too much, I am telling you now, that free cupboard will become your best friend too.

Get raiding!

  • Walk, walk, walk.

Walking is underrated. Danny and I would save SO much money by walking EVERYWHERE.

Paying for a taxi, Uber or even the local public transport can soon eat away at your wallet when you can just use the legs God gave you. We would sometimes walk for hours to get where we wanted to be, but, it was not only great exercise, but you get to see beautiful things that you would miss out on if you were sat on a bus or in a taxi. You find yourself wandering down little streets that sell amazing food at local prices and see the reality of a country away from the tourist areas.

I have found that a lot of travellers also ‘hitch-hike’ since being in New Zealand. Now, I do not particularly recommend this option and I don’t think we will ever do it again, yes, we did it once. But, many travellers and locals tell me they feel completely safe, and it is the ‘done thing’ here in New Zealand. That is something I will let you decide. I feel like you can never be too safe so I say, lets walk!

  • Relocation Car

If you need to go the distance then you can rent a car from as little as $1 per day with the relocation services alot of companies offer, for example, imover.com and apollo car relocation. We have used this option twice now and have found it really great, although there are a couple of things that would defer us from maybe using it again. I think I will write another blog post on this subject.

In short, the relocation car/van services ask for vehicles to be brought back to them after other tourists have used them. For example, a car was rented and driven from Brisbane to Cairns and now the car rental hub needs it back, but the cost of paying someone to fly to Cairns, get the car and drive it back are an expense they would rather go without. So, they ask for other tourists to drive the car back themselves at a very small cost. Win – win. They get the car and you get to your chosen destination, whilst saving a huge lump of cash and arriving safe and sound.

  • Camping

Not only does camping save you a hell of a lot of money, compared to hostel living and other accommodations, but it is so much fun!

Finding the perfect spot to pitch up your tent, surrounded by breathtaking views is unbelievable and in most cases, at no cost at all.

Obviously, this option is seasonal, I would not fancy sleeping through the height of winter in a tent. But you catch my drift.

  • Couch Surf

We have never tried this one. Something about it sends off warning signals in my brain. But I have actually heard some good reviews on this option, so I wanted to include it and you can actually find some legit houses through online websites such as couchsurfing.com to make yourself feel safer.

Couch surfing is basically a temporary stay in other peoples homes and making use of improvised sleeping arrangements. Its free, a great way to meet locals and it is of somewhat a more comfortable.

  • Find things to do for FREE

You want to make the most of the country you are in but everything costs money! SO have a look online for local scenic hikes and walks where you are able to stretch your legs and experience the true nature and beauty of a place.

As a blogger you can also find local blog supporting restaurants or excursions that may offer you free or discounted trips. This way you are not missing out and you are again, saving money.

Danny and I have often found ourselves packing a small bag full of budget made sandwiches and fruit and going for walks to stunning parks, beaches and lookout points. It is so much more fun!

  • Create a daily budget

This is really important. Making a daily budget after calculating your overall funds can help in saving money in the long run. If you spend carelessly, your money will soon whittle down to nothing and you will be booking a one way ticket back home.

Danny and I always made sure we set ourselves a daily budget and recalculated our budget often if we found we had to spend over our daily amount for reasons we could not control.

You can even split your daily budget into categories to make things easier for yourselves. ‘This is for food’, ‘this is for accommodation’ and this is for ‘spending’. That was you have more control over what you are spending.

  • Go without

No one likes the thought of ‘going without’ but sometimes it is the only way of sticking to a budget.

It is the things that we think we need but in reality we really don’t.

Sorry girls, but no buying of clothes, even that dress you fell in love with at the market, no makeup shopping, no conditioner – shampoo will have to do. You will have to say no to that ice cream on a boiling hot day and a no to that extra drink on a night out with your new friends. Because when you wake up the next day and have that extra money to book a trip and make amazing memories, to book a ticket to your next destination, then ‘going without’ is all the more worth it.


Leave a comment if you found any more ways of saving money along your travels. I would love to hear them!



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