Exploring Queenstown Hill

Winter is just around the corner and I’m slowly preparing myself for some freezing cold weather! Im not usually the biggest fan of the winter months; with the short days and icy cold nights. But here in New Zealand I am getting more and more excited as the days go by. The surrounding scenery is changing drastically as Autumn transitions to winter and it is absolutely breathtaking. 

However, before the thick of winter hits, Danny and I are trying to make the most of the Autumn colours and are spending our days off exploring the Queenstown area.

This week we climbed up Queenstown Hill to find the most stunning panoramic views of Queenstown and its snowy mountain tops. 

Queenstown Hill is easily accessible to the public from Belfast Street, Queenstown. It is an easy walk which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you are. You can also take the loop track to the top, which adds on another 15 minutes onto your walk, but is so much nicer. We stopped every 10 minutes to take pictures, so for us, it was much longer! The walk is so peaceful.

I would definitely recommend visiting later on in the afternoon to capture the beautiful sunset, it is out of this world!! 

Here are some of our pictures …

danny sunset (1 of 1)

Finally at the top of the hill, you surround yourself with gigantic mountains. We are constantly in awe with this country and it never ceases to amaze us with its natural beauty.

If you fancy a longer walk, there are plenty of paths situated around the hilltops…where they take you to I am not quite sure yet. But I will find out soon no doubt!

moody forest danny (1 of 1)

The forested walk to the top is so eerie and magical; so be sure to take your time.

pink sunset (1 of 1)

Get there before sunset. The colours are breathtaking!

sarah QT view new (1 of 1)

The views are just as amazing from start to finish. I love this little town!

sarah woods (1 of 1)

AND It is beautiful no matter the weather!

Enjoy your visit!



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