Guide to Krabi, Thailand..

Sitting down and looking back at photo’s of Krabi has me daydreaming of travel an how much I absolutely LOVED every second of my trip to Thailand. Krabi was not only the last destination of our Asia trip, but it was one of my favourite! We were so incredibly sad to be leaving this place behind as we positively enjoyed every moment there.

Krabi is the capital of Southern Thailand’s Krabi Province and is a large town which hosts amazing foods, cookery classes, pristine beaches, phenomenal viewpoints and endless excursions. Some of the best views are seen at The Tiger Cave Temple which sadly we missed. I was hit with a dose of sunstroke and whatever else, so we had to cut that from our itinerary. Boohoo, I know! 

Thousands of people visit here every year; some to stay and others as a quick stop off point to go on to other islands such as Koh Phi Phi, which is incredibly easy to get to via ferry.

Where did we stay?

Krabi is FULL of options for accomodation. Depending on the time of year you visit will determine the price you will pay for a room. The best time to visit is during the months November through to March as the weather is not as humid and the rainfall is much less. We were there during the beginning of March and it was just perfect!

Having done so well with our budget we were able to ‘splash out’ a little more and book ourselves a beautiful, modern room in Fahsai Bay Villa, 10 minutes from Ao Nang. This cost a total of 520 baht for five nights. It was a family run business with breakfast included.

The family could not do enough for you, and if that wasn’t enough they had two of the sweetest daughters that made our time there so special. They were adorable and LOVED to sit with us and play with our hair, do my makeup and make us laugh. It was also a two minute walk from the port, so extremely easy to catch a ferry to Railey Beach and other islands. A shuttle bus passed by every 15 minutes, stopping off at Ao Nang Beach for about 30 baht; if I remember correctly. You could also hire a scooter or a car to get around yourself.

Krabi town was also accessible via the shuttle bus, so really, we were not too far from anything. The food was surprisingly cheap too AND delicious! As usual, we found our favourite restaurant and ate there most nights for next to nothing! 7eleven and family mart were also a 2 minute walk away! So yes…clearly, I could not recommend this place more.

As for Ao Nang the cost of hotels are much steeper, so staying a little further out saved us alot! 

What to do in Krabi? 

With only five days left we were determined to see and experience everything we had set out to do. We had seen and read so many incredible things that we just could not wait to get going!

Railey Beach..

Oh Railey, Railey, Railey… So many friends and fellow travellers recommended this place to us along the way, so we expected great things!

Railey beach is only accessible via boat due to the hugely immense limestone mountains, making it impossible to get to in any other way. But not to worry, because most boats leave for every 30 minutes making it super easy! You can even book your tickets the morning you leave, we had no problem! 😀☀

The ONLY negative I will throw in about Railey Beach was that it was incredibly busy! I know, it is a touristy place AND it should be expected, but we felt that it took away from its charm. Particularly by Phra Nang beach and cave- visually, the surrounding are breathtaking, but it was difficult to relax and take it all in when we were having to watch where we stepped and where we swam all afternoon 🙈. 

However, there is so much to do here so if you have time I would suggest you book a night here to make the most of what Railey has to offer! 🐒

Railey Beach – Well this is one of the sole reasons people come to visit year in, year out; to relax on the beautiful Railey beach.

Surrounded by imposing limestone mountains, the large sandy beach is perfect for setting up your beach towels, buying yourself a delicious coconut and basking in the glorious sunshine.


Phra Nang Beach – It is often debated which is the best beach, Phra Nang or Railey. If it wasnt for the crowds I would have chosen Phra Nang beach! Again, surrounded by limestone mountains, the ocean is much more pristine and is juxtaposed to Phra Nang Cave. From beautiful sands to rocky caves, it is such a great contrast and so much fun to explore. The beach also showcased what some people might find extremely strange; a collection of phalluses, penis calvings that are placed there by fisherman as an offering to the princess of the cave, who is then believed to bring them prosperity. Take a look, it took us a while to figure out why on earth these calving’s were there.


Phra Nang Beach

Monekys! – See if you can spot a monkey or ten hanging from the telephone lines and trees! 🐒 We did not see any until about 5pm on our way back to the boat; they were so tame! They will grab anything they can from you so be careful, but we loved watching them as they tried to balance along telephone wires and played with each other by the footpaths. This one was adorable!


What else is there to do at Railey Beach?

  • Magnificent viewpoints – We were unable to get to the viewpoint because I hurt my foot and the climb looked less than inviting. You literally have to climb steep rock face to get there, so be extremely cautious if you decide to give it a go. There are two viewpoints and they are said to be stunning!
  • Rock Climbing – We did not do this either, but if you fancy a bit of action then rock climbing is brilliant for the more adventurous. In fact, we saw one elderly man rock climbing at Phra Nang Beach completely on his own! No equipment in site – I definitely would not recommend this AT ALL! But he gave a great show and had been doing it for years! 🌟
  • Kayaking – explore the waters with an hour or two of kayaking. Again, we did not have time to do this, however, we do love a trip out in the kayak and it is a great way of splitting the day up of relaxation and activity.

Four Island Tour..

The famous four island tour…where do I begin? I know that different companies offered varying prices and companies can visit slightly different areas, but the main reason we went on this trip was to see Hong Island and its breathtaking lagoon.

It is hard for the south of Thailand to not be pretty and each place we visited during this tour was unforgettable…


I cannot for the life of me remember what this island was called! I have searched everywhere! BUT wherever it was, was a great place to start our day! 😃 We got here via longtail boat and we’re able to spend an hour here, snorkeling, relaxing and monkey spotting! Two islands meet by a long stretch of sandy beach, just breathtaking. We did meet one rather large male money but he wasn’t in the best of moods so we spent our hour in the warm sea!

Koh Lao La Ding
We could not believe our eyes when we arrived at Koh Lao La Ding. How lucky are we! Possibly one of the most picturesque places we had been we took up every opportunity to get ‘snappy happy’ to create some beautiful image memories! They also have a swing here! It fits two people! We were in our element!

We stayed here for about 2 hours, plenty of time to relax, swim in the stunning ocean and have a look around the small island. Here we also stopped for lunch. Not a bad backdrop for lunch, hey?

Hong Island
Now for what we had been waiting for! HONG ISLAND! After seeing pictures from here in travel leaflets we could not wait to jump in that emerald colour ocean and splash about. We saw hundreds of bright colourful schools of fish and jellyfish, it was a great snorkeling spot! The beach was also outstanding with limestone mountains and huge trees to hide you from the sun if you wished.

Hong Island Lagoon
There she is, Hong Island Lagoon, the one and only! I could have spent much longer here but we had one more special place to visit.

The next place we visited was a lagoon, surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. The water was so shallow that people were walking through it; the water so clear! But we were honestly disappointed by our time at this Lagoon because they did not let us off the boat! So with one quick 5 minute loop of the lagoon on the boat we left! 🙁 ah well, it didn’t ruin the day by any means, we were still in awe of what we had seen at Hong Island. 🌴


Ao Nang Beach

Only staying ten minutes away from here we wanted to spend a day exploring this popular beach. The town itself has a great number of markets, restaurants, ice cream shops and beach bars. It is no surprise that staying here is more pricey!

The beach bars looked lovely and don’t be alarmed by the large number of women who approach you asking if you would like a massage. There is a section of the beach that is solely for Thai masseuses AND at such good rates! 🌸

Ao Nang Beach

Hidden Ao Nang Beach
Now, if you stay or visit Ao Nang Beach then make sure to venture over to the ‘other side’ of the beach. Continue walking East along the beach front until you can not walk anymore. You will be stopped by mounds of rock. However, on your left you will see a wooden stairway and bridge that, when you follow, will take you up and down and over the rocks to a more beautiful, more pristine area of Ao Nang Beach. We were so happy we stumbled across this.

Ao Thalane Kayaking

As I mentioned earlier, Danny’s and I love taking out a kayak at any opportunity! Here at Ao Thalane you are able to do just that-but even better! Here’s why…

Kayaking in a small group, staying close to the lush green limestones you enter lagoons, caves, canyons and tangled forestry until you meet the most friendly monkeys. Amongst the mangrove trees are monkeys waiting for your arrival. If you get close enough the monkeys jump on board your kayak in hope to find something tasty in your bag! Keep everything closed and we were told not to touch them under any circumstances. But just watching them they were so tame and cute! They seemed to like our kayak, perhaps of our hordes of water bottles, but I managed to quickly snap a picture on our GoPro of this mother and her baby perched on the end of our Kayak. It was such an unforgettable experience!


Such a beautiful day to Kayak!

We ended our four hour Kayak trip with an hour swimming in the Crystal Pools not far from Ao Thalane.


Like swimming in bath water, you are able to walk along the windy pool, tube or swim. There are also a number of tarzy swings to jump into the water from; it was so much fun! If only I could have captured a true likeness of what we saw through my photograph. It is a must visit!!


Believe me, there is so much more to see and do in Krabi. The Krabi Town Markets, hiking to see some beautiful lookout points and endless islands, you will be spoilt for choice and will wish you had all the time in the world to spend here. But, like us, I am sure you will return. 

We left Asia with the fondest memories and huge love for the countries we visited. But onwards we go to…

New Zealand..


The Pommie Brunette…x